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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
That was Alan White on Imagine. Post Beatles song.

You know, despite what the collective says here, I've always thought Ringo's drumming on Come Together was lacking, so I do a hybrid of the Aerosmith version and the Beatles version. I've never played it any other way and you know what? I've never had one complaint.
I completely disagree.I think Ringos drumming on that tune ,fits the arrangement perfectly.What exactly was it lacking?

The difference between his performance and Joey Kramers, is so slight as to be negligible.The only real difference, is a few more beats in Kramers fill,and a slightly faster tempo,which was no doubt a Lennon/Martin decision,and not Ringos.He could have easily played it faster if need be.

Was George Harrisons lead and solo,"lacking" what Joe Perry played also?:):)

Steve B
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