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Default Re: Coating and Re-Coating heads?

Originally Posted by double_G View Post
Ludwig used to make spray on coating in a can. But later discontinued because of toxic fumes or similar (Bermuda's podcast)? Then i thought i had heard that back in the day, you could show up at certain factories & get heads re-shot for a small fee ?
Indeed they did...

Although I'm not 100% sure as to why it was discontinued. May have been environmental, but also may have been a case of not wanting druimmers to be able to refresh heads when they might otherwise buy one instead.

But I know that Ludwig currently uses a water-based coating, which has no environmental impact by itself. In fact, the person hand-spraying each head wasn't even wearing a mask, which prompted me to ask about it. I recommended that Ludwig consider re-issuing Ruff-Kote, maybe just to dealers so there'd be some profit for Ludwig even when the dealer refreshes a competitor's head. If drummers aren't buying Ludwig heads, why not get in on some of the action anyway? :)

Not sure that the manufacturers would re-coat their heads. Primarily, it's a lot of coordination to introduce and monitor a single item into an assembly-line environment*, not to mention whether shipping both ways would keep the cost below that of a new head.


* Even where Ludwig hand sprays their heads one at a time, it's asking a lot to bring in an outside head, slip it in the stack of heads to be sprayed, and then make sure it is retrieved and sent back to the owner.
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