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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

Maybe it's a time vs. feel thing? If you feel it's steady while you're playing it, but the snare sounds "late" on playback, maybe you ARE keeping good time, but not playing with the right feel (at least the feel you're expecting to hear on playback).

This could actually be a great thing for you - if you're already somewhat steady to the click, and are already recording yourself and analyzing it, it shouldn't be too long before you nail it.

Work on your feel alongside the click - keep the hats and bass where they are and try to nudge the snare a bit ahead in your groove. It'll feel all wrong for awhile (probably get some tension from trying to play the snare early) but you'll know for sure on playback. Once it sounds good there, you'll just have to keep repeating it until the new groove feels as natural as the old wonky-sounding one.
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