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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

changing the beaters on any pedal changes the feel..

now.. longboards are going to naturally feel lighter and faster...

but on pedals like the axis al-2 (not the x) and the demon drives you can adjust the VDL or the "power/feness" setting which change the leverage.

this can make these pedals FAR faster and lighter FEELING than the others. Not sure what other pedals have this. even moving your beaters up or down. adding weights, springs. distance from skin all that stuff change it.

after playing axis for years and demons for half a year now i had a 9000 for about 2 months. hated it. could not dial it in. springs, distances, everything. felt to heavy and slow for me.. but I'm used to longboards with a forwarder beater. I do have another buddy who found them heavy too...... I found the 5000's pretty close to my IC that i had for years........ but i used big wood beaters on the IC.

beater distance makes a bigger difference than people think for this too... if your beaters are 2 inches away.. it will feel light with your springs maxed... if your beaters are 180 degrees.. your springs could be next to off and it would be hard to hit the skin.

its best to learn how your pedals work, how you like your settings and feel.. then find a pedal that can achieve that. I prefer light fast pedals that hit hard and i can do heel toe on... so that leaves me axis or demons. maybe tricks but I'm not putting a deposit on them incase i hate em
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