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Default Re: Terry Bozzio

I was lucky enough to see Terry play last night in Switzerland where I live. He had the monster kit and it is an impressive thing to see up close!

I respect Terry and his pedigree, but I didn't really know what to expect. Neither did my 11-year old son who came with me.

Well, it was magnificent!

Terry played a few pieces, then explained his approach (i.e the kit - kicks and right side toms tuned to white notes of the piano, left side toms tuned chromatically, playing pitched ostinatos with feet and melodies with hands). Then he took questions. He was charming and articulate, expanding and sharing his ideas and experience, and then he played some more pieces.

All of the pieces he played were not just 'impressive', but also genuinely great to listen to. The last piece was the highlight for me, where Terry mixed the 'new' orchestral approach with groovy beats and rhythmic fireworks.

All in all, a great night. Inspirational stuff. And now my son wants to spend more time practicing drums!

Bravo Terry.
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