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Default Re: hey, i know that guy!!!

Originally Posted by BramVanroy View Post
Talking about "didn't see that coming". By that I mean the strange cowbell action. It was a good break, but it didn't really fit I think. Seemed like you were going for another feel or genre and then all of a sudden you started blasting thousands of notes again. Something like that is good if you stretch it out. Think about your solo in front, make a good build up. It's too sudden here.

Don't get me wrong, some nice chops there, but the structure of your solo could be a bit better!
i agree. i was told to keep it short (my solos tend to get a little long). i modulated into the triplet feel, and went into that 6/8 afro-cuban (with double bass underneath, lol). throwing a bunch of styles into a food processor, and see what happens. :)
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