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Default Re: Single Strap Drive Pedal (Yamaha, Pearl)

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Are you in the USA? Like drummerjims says, that Yamaha pedal can be had for a lot less.
I like it, but can't really say how it compares to the others.
If a 2 hour drive is too much, maybe you can find a place to get it from that has a good return policy.
I'm actually in Australia (I had it in my location but it must have disappeared, I think it's back now) - so prices are a little different. I think the Pearl is also a bit cheaper because its more well known so there's a bit more demand and sales (I just found it for $149). The 2 hour drive is to the nearest store that even stocks Yamaha, I'd have to make sure they had this pedal in store first.

double_G, do you mean the HS-850 hi hat stand?

I'm leaning towards the Yamaha right now, just emailing all the music stores in Australia to see if I can find a lower price. Is the Yamaha good because of the price, or is it just generally an excellent pedal? It's really looking like I won't be able to get it cheaper than the Eliminator so I'm wondering if that new information makes the Eliminator the better choice.

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