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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

So many questions to answer... So, for starters I have been trying to play more like ringo Starr, I have just found that for me personally he just had a certaint, almost uncapturable element, so simple yet tasteful at the same time, which is something I struggle with. I set my kit up relatively average, I flatten my toms, have a ride and a crash cymbal, etc. This is marching band, so often times the battery is playing so I'm not completely dependent on tempo, and as far as dedication goes, I honestly just don't know what he means. I've practiced every day, showed up to every rehearsal (required and optional) and done what Ive been told without batting an eyelash. Sorry if I didn't provide enough info the first time, I'm new to this forum, also, im sorry for not providing feedback sooner, I'm busy with school.
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