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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

I recently bought a used DW 3000 (new model) to use as a practice pedal with my Gibralter kick practice pad. It arrived in great condition and is very smooth in motion.

However, I noticed the 3000 dual chain was heavier in feel than the single chain 5000 (I bought in 1998) when used with a real bass drum, so when I tried it recently a group session, I didn't feel quite as nimble as I did with the 5000 pedal. The 3000 felt like it had more meat on the thumps than the 5000 did.

I'll probably use the 3000 for practice at home, and continue with the older 5000 for live music.
I wonder if the beater on the 3000 is a bit larger than the 5000.
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