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Default Coating and Re-Coating heads?

I was thinking the other day, what makes the process of coating a drumhead so special? I love the sound of coated heads, but I can't really find any information on how drum heads are coated in the first place. How could one replicate the coating process?

I'm thinking it could be as simple as using a broken in head, and maybe sanding the head just a pinch, and then using textured rustoleum. Or maybe go more complex, and spray the rum with adhesive and then blast it with the rustoleum.

Coating is far from invincible - it starts to wear off the head in a very short time, so it can't be a process that's too complicated or difficult to duplicate, or at least approach?
I have old clear drum heads out my ears, so I'd really like to experiment with this, but I want to see how many of you guys think It'd be a waste of time?
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