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Default Re: George Kollias here...

George has some new awesome stuff coming...

The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming - 3 books with various difficulty levels.
The first book will be available in Jan. 2014.

More info from his facebook page

- - - - -
First of 3 Books is ready and it's absolutely killer!!!!!
I can't wait till i get into details for you guys, let me give you just a brief idea for now:

-3 Books, each one for a different level of Drummers!
-The most "into the point" book about double bass drumming!
-A great tool for Students AND Teachers!
-Play along songs written for each Level!!!

Pre-orders for "PART I:THE BEGINNING" are on and the first copies will be also hand signed

We worked hard to make the BIBLE of Double Bass Drumming, something that will actually take you on the next level and i am VERY proud we did it!!!!!!!!!


Big Thanks to Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez for his major help with the concept!
- - - - -
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