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This whole debate about the speed of Johns right foot reminds me of chidren arguing about who has the strongest dad or the biggest house or something like that.

Common Bonhamides, get a break - its completely irrelevant, isn't it? Who cares, if Johns foot was faster or slower than anybody elses foot? He played good times bad times and he sounded great.

I'm sure, that thousands of drummers can play that song, but the one on the record and in the band was John. Who gives a sh*t about how fast you can move your hands or feet, if you cannot turn it into music? John could, and thats what he was all about for me.

Same goes for any drummer I know. I don't care a bit about tech, if a drummer cannot use it musically. Thats why I'm a fan of Tony, Vinnie, Steve, JoJo or John - they have/had great technique and are/were able to turn it into great music. And besides: Tech is NOT only about speed. Its about sound, groove and control. Speed is a nice sideeffect of good technique.

Just my two cents on this.
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