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Default Re: Single Strap Drive Pedal (Yamaha, Pearl)

The Yamaha FP8500B Is the way to go in my opinion. You can get it on interstate music for $95. I had the dw9000 which I had in double chain and strap drive mode and I wasn't really feeling it. Then I moved on to the pearl demon drive. Which was smooth but I hated it. So I sold it and bought the Yamaha FP8500B. I am someone who has played so many different pedals. Although I have not tried the JoJo Mayer pedal yet. And this is by far my favorite. It is quiet. The build is solid yet because it has no heavy base plate it is light weight. They actually sprayed some of that rubber wrench handle stuff on the rods that connect the base to the posts so it has a solid feel. Of course this is just my opinion but I do recommend it. For the price it is great and honestly I doubt I would ever go to a different pedal.
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