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Default Re: Flattening toms?

My snare drum and floor tom sit really low, and then my rack tom is pretty high up. It's mounted on a snare stand, but it's far from level. I keep it angled slightly toward me, and just a stroke more shallow to the right. I'm an odd ball who likes a bit of distance when moving to different parts of my kit. The reason for this is all the wasted movements I play with. If my stuff was lower and close to me, I'd be hitting everything as I move around.

Often when I'm playing a moderate tempo 4/4 groove with no ghost notes, I'll strike the snare drum and immediately recoil and swing the stick away from the drum, up and around the hi hats, and then back to the drum in time to play the next lick. And if I'm about to play a fill coming to the end of a bar, my elbow will close, and I'll hold the stick next to my head until time to use that hand. I just do all sorts of things like that, maybe subconciously for showmanship. I also jump off my seat when I'm doing a hard cymbal crash.
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