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The B8 cymbals are a great line for a budget. Those who dislike them either just genuinely don't like their sound, or claim to dislike them because they're inexpensive. The cymbals are B8 bronze, which is a great cymbal material. I've used B8s live, and in studio, and no one has EVER said "You sounded pretty good, except for your cymbals." or "Do you have any different cymbals we could record on these tracks."

The Sabian B8 ride is a horse of a beautiful color. I'm not crazy about riding the cymbal, but if you want a cheap 20" crash, the B8 ride is perfect for crashing. I also used a B8 18" China for a long time, loved it.

Hop on the interwebz and check out Youtube. Plenty of good demos of the B8s. And if you like them in the videos, buy them. They're great cymbals, and they hold up. I've never broken a B8, unlike other lower level cymbals. *cough* ZBT *cough*
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