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I have the older pack that they offered and find them to be great cymbals to start with when getting into drumming or getting back into drumming which was my case. They are going on two years and I have laid into them quite hard at times and they show no signs of giving up. My set came with the 14" hats, 16" thin crash, 18" thin crash and 20" ride. The ride is the best part as you can use it as a ride or a crash and the bell is quite loud with a mid tone to it.

They are far beyond entry level but obviously not HH, Vaults, K's etc. The only thing is I don't understand the picture they have up. It shows a possible 18" Ozone crash, not a regular 18" thin crash. Other than that I'd say go for it. Some will come in and tell you to buy used and that's fine you would just have to search for the deals to keep the total in your budget range if you have one.
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