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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by Davo-London View Post
The couple of Beatles songs I've played have been fast (160 bpm) and they would be very difficult for a beginner. Normal players with 2-3 years do not have much control of dynamics and sound. I would be very surprised if you did sound like Ringo.

He used to swish his hihats with a sideways motion, which no-one else seems to do. I imagine this introduces a touch of swing to his playing. It's an unnatural technique when you first try it for sure.

Study old videos and just work on your sound. Introduce dynamics one limb at a time in your practice and focus on good technique and lighter playing. Ringo has jazz influences and is not a big hitter.

Regarding Ringo's oft used hi-hat technique, I believe its called "Buttering the Bread" or something similar. As for the 2 to 3 year experience players not having much control of dynamics or sound!! I would take great issue with that. Its like anything, If you are good enough you are good enough, regardless of age, experience or gender.

I am yet to see an add for a drummer that includes "Must have at least 20 years experience, or you wont be any good". Not in my neck of the woods anyway and If someone did I would avoid the numpties like the proverbial.
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