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Default Single Strap Drive Pedal (Yamaha, Pearl)


I'm looking to get a strap drive pedal - just for a secondary kit at home, so durability is not really a concern here. It's replacing this Millennium pedal (from Thomann) - very solid double chain pedal, but just doesn't feel responsive. I've played the Jojo Mayer PB but I don't think I can justify spending that much especially on what is essentially a practice pedal. I loved the feel though.

I'm thinking of maybe a Pearl Eliminator (I like the customisation, but I'm concerned it might be on the heavy side). I've also heard great things about the Yamaha FP8500B. I had considered the much cheaper Gibraltar 3311S but in reality I can afford these other two pedals and I don't want to settle for second best once again to end up dissatisfied and look for an upgrade a few months later.

Where I am, the Eliminator strap drive can be had for $175, the FP8500B for $165 and the Perfect Balance is >$350. The 3311S is only $85 but I'm not REALLY considering it for the reasons mentioned above.

I'll try to get out and try these myself of course but where I am, music stores are lacking, especially the Yamaha gear, short of making a >2 hour drive.

Which one would you recommend/what do you think is the better deal?

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