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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
Zurg......there are a lot of people on here giving you a hard time, not sure why, this forum is usually supportive of its members. What we need is for you to come back and give us some more details and info. Are you playing the parts as close to original as you can?
Is the rest of the band nailing every part spot on?
Is there another reason why the guy has an issue with you?
I don't think they're giving him a hard time. I think they're just trying to figure out what's really happening from the little information they have. It's all been pretty good advice in my opinion. As someone who's been playing about the same amount of time as the OP, I've actually gleaned a lot of good information from this thread as I read through. I do think it would help, as you suggested, if the OP could post some of his playing or at least be a little more specific about how's he's playing the songs. If he really is trying to play as close to the original as possible, and not embellishing, then it sounds as if the band leader is being harsh. However, if the OP is trying to make it his own, then maybe he needs to come at it from another angle.

Whatever it is...I hope he has gained some of the same useful insight from this thread that I have. :)
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