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Default Re: DW 9002PC Double Pedal On Sale!!

Great bump Eric, thank you for the heads up and for bumping it! Unfortunately the possibility of doing this again isn't as great especially since it's $100 more. Plus I really don't know how well I will take to the 9000. Even as strong of an opinion that I have of them as they seemingly fit the profile of the kind of pedal I would like, I believe I should grab up a used single of decent quality and test first.

I actually took a second to adjust the height of my throne, actually raised it by an 1 1/4" and adjusted the Tama IC as well and even though it slightly helped I'm still not digging it. Thanks again for the bump though and I'll update if I decide to just go all out and trade up or buy used for now. Feel free to bump again to post your thought and/or post your own thread with your findings. :)