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Default Re: Protection Racket. Is it a racket?

I have all Protection Racket bags as well. I have a complete set for my nine piece Tama Granstar and my five piece Tama Artstar Custom, as well as another snare case.

Mine have seen some shows but they are not sliding around a lot. The are stored until needed, then packed with drums and loaded into the van for a short ride. Then they come out and do the reverse.

Your problem seems a bit odd. I have to say that my bass drums cases are for 22"X18" and I have 22"X16" bass drums. So I have a little extra material for the bass drums overall.

So if I understand you correctly, it sounds like the outer black fabric is wearing away at the contact points? If you like the bags overall, I would either buy new ones, or Jerry Rig the ones you have to last longer. It sounds like it is just the bass drum bag giving you drama.

If that is the case, I might suggest finding something to reinforce those contact points. Something as simple as a ring of Duct tape or attaching some thin piece of plastic on the top and bottom of the case as needed. Maybe go to a fabric store and pick out some material to serve as a buffer for extra wear and tear. I would pick something on the thicker side, like a fake leather, or other such material.

Better yet, get the outer material, but also get a buffer material, like a piece of closed cell foam, or carpet padding to sew between the case and the outer material. I think that is what I might do. This only adds a little bulk to the outside of the bag without changing the inside dimensions.

I think there are some limitations to the bags, but I think I am still digging them over the idea of hard cases.
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