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Default Am I a terrible drummer?

So, for starters I have been playing drums for about 3 years, and have been playing seriously for about 2. I have felt confident in my drumming for quite awhile, and everyone I know has said that I'm talented and should keep on playing. But recently I've been told differently. I'm currently in high school marching band and I'm playing the drum set, I feel like I've been doing ok, but our director is always critizing me, and only me. He says that I set my drums up wrong, I don't play enough like "Ringo Starr" (we're doing a Beatles show this year), and that I'm not "dedicated enough". These are things that I've always felt very strongly that should be left to the drummer himself, if I'm pleasing the audience and myself, I really don't care how my drums are set up, and I'm not Ringo Starr, dammit, I'm my own person and if I want to be my own person that's sure as hell what I'm going to be. I don't think these are things that matter to anyone but him, but what does everyone else think? Are these really things that define a good drummer? Or am I really that bad? Should I just quit? Because after being beaten into the ground daily, I feel like I would contribute more to the band by just not showing up.
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