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Default Protection Racket. Is it a racket?

I have been touting PR bags for some time. I've been using them since my old hard cases were stolen along with my original Zickos drums. I got them when I bought my new (old) Zickos drums. They are not cheap but much cheaper than hard cases and easier to move in and out of my car. I have had them from 1 to 2 years (bought at different times). They are all holding up well...

...except for the bass drum case. It is developing some holes where the rims touch the flat part next to the heads. I called my trusted supplier at a local music store and he told me they are warranted for 1 year (I've had the bass for about a year an a half) and that I was just out of luck.

Is this so? Is there no recourse? The others are doing so well an I like them a lot but this worries me. Will they fail, too? They aren't cheap and I don't want to replace them. Opinions, guys and gals.
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