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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
Not bad, my rankings seem to be spot on. Some nice additions there, dre25. Anyone have a contrary point of view?

Supposing I draw an imaginary line between the "light" and "heavy" pedals:

Axis AL-2
Pearl Demon Drive
Tama Speed Cobra
Pearl Eliminator

Mapex falcon
Tama Iron Cobra

Work for anyone? I think there are people who prefer light and others who prefer heavy. This sort of list might be useful in figuring out whether a certain type of pedal would be better suited for them. Though things change!

- Reggae Mangle

I agree with this.. but id put the 9000 as the heavest of them all. I didn't mind the 5000.. hated the 9000

id toss tricks in the light list too.
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