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Default Re: Heat gun on Resos

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I'm don't believe I've "trash-talked" other companies or their products here.
So when you were gloating about what your company was doing, in regards to thickness of single ply heads and added that they are "far from equivalents", you can honestly tell me you weren't referring to other single ply heads by other companies? Not to mention your reply about two ply heads from other companies being "muddy"? As well as going on to name drop a few pro drummers to make your two ply heads seem more appealing to possibly get me to buy and try them.

Sorry but unlike some of the sheep, you're not pulling the wool over my eyes. I know EXACTLY what you meant and/or the context of how you were saying it along with your attempts to sell off your products. Here is the quote and link to the post. I know all too well what you meant regarding two ply heads by other companies and how you were trying to sell me on your product. Also to add, I never used muddy in a way that meant it was a bad result from ANY head from ANY company. I just meant and should have used a different word, that it would hinder the potential of those drums if 2 ply heads were used. You took what I said and ran with it and took it out of context to take the opportunity to try and sell me on your products.

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
Evans G2's with the Level 360 collar don't sound quite as "muddy" as other two-ply heads. Several of our artists, Keith Carlock included, who are usually anti-two-ply were quite impressed by the resonance of our G2's. Definitely worth checking out.

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