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Default Re: Different Sticks

Yes, VF makes a great stick.

As for how cheap sticks feel, I can feel the difference in the rebound of the stick. I bought 4 pairs of 5A First Act sticks for $12 at Target. I was there, they were there, $3 a pair, sure why not. I was curious.

The stick itself feels really good in the hand, but when you play them it is almost as if the stick has an internal split in it or something. They are made of hickory but almost act like oak. I don't really have any issues playing with them, but they just don't feel right. On a side note, the sticks do have a date of manufacture printed on them, and I think that is pretty cool.

I can tell the bounce of a nylon tip on the ride cymbal too. I hardly use them so it feels off.
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