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Default Re: Recasting famous TV and movie actors

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
You're close, but I think

Dr.Watso should be Klinger

Larryace as Hawkeye,

KeepitSimple as B. J. Hunnicutt.

Bo is Radar.

Bermuda is Father Mulcahy, for keeping everyone grounded.

Derek Roddy is Sidney Freedman, he is only in certain episodes, but is very important to the story.

I am Igor Straminsky, a re-occurring character who plays no important role what so ever, yet is always popping up for no particular reason. lol.
Wow,how could I forget Klinger and Father Mulcahy.

There were actually two versions of Klinger;pre and post Radar.

How about BacteriumFendYoke(Duncan) as corporal Max Klinger

Any nomoinations for Major Winchester?

Keep em' coming folks,and this isn't limited to M.A.S.H..

Feel free to recast any movie or TV show,with fifferent actors or forum members.

Steve B
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