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Default Re: 2014 Music HOF Nominees

I cast ballots for...

KISS - Ace Frehley inspired thousands of aspiring musicians to pick up their first guitar, they sold TONS of records (among other things), and I know a lot of folks who think their music is great (an opinion I don't share). I really think it is pure snobbishness that has kept them out. Who hasn't heard of KISS?

Nirvana - my generation's Beatles, the last "next big thing" to happen in the music industry (and probably the last). Launched thousands of cynical punk bands clad in plaid and donning second hand garage sale instruments. Also inspired a DIY attitude that has carried over to the digital age.

The Zombies - I will admit that I simply like their music more than any of the other candidates.

Link Wray - The original metal guitarist. The story is that the only reason John and Paul let George hang out with them is because he could play "Rumble".

NWA - Once again, not a fan, but cannot deny their influence.
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