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A couple of videos and the clinic/masterclass dates...

With Paul Gehrig on Hammond B3 (= one of my favourite sounds!):

With bassist Stefan Hergenröder:

The fall/winter dates:

30 October, Nottingham (UK)
31 October, London (UK)
8 November. St. Gallen (Switzerland)
9 November, Winterthur (Switzerland)
10 November, Eschen (Liechtenstein)
15 November, Wetzikon (Switzerland)
16 November, Brixen (Italy)
19 November, Frankfurt (Germany) w/Sax Therapy
23 November, Dijon (France) - Wizdom Drummers Weekend
1 December, Tehran (Iran)
7 December, Frankenthal (Germany)
8 December, Ulm (Germany)
14 December, Hammelburg (Germany)
6 January, Perpignan (France)

I've seen Claus do a few clinics and a couple masterclasses. Not only is his technique mind-blowing, but he's also an entertainer, has a great sense of humour, and makes sure you go home motivated.

What impressed me most was how he likes to find out at the beginning of a clinic or masterclass what exactly people are interested in, what stuff they're working on, etc. During the event he will not only answer all the questions, but make you understand how quite a few of the seemingly unrelated topics are in fact very much related.

In case you do have any questions re the Moeller technique. He most definitely is your man! Highly recommended!

I'll definitely be at the event in Liechtenstein. Possibly also one of the clinics in Switzerland.

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