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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

Well... I have been playing musical instruments since 2nd grade... now I'm not saying I'm any good, I'm probably the opposite, I just love music. I started playing the piano, then in fourth grade it was required by my school to learn an instrument, even though you already took lessons. There were five options: sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone... I was unique, and I liked being unique, and since nobody chose the trombone, that's the one I chose. So I played trombone until the beginning of 6th grade. My mom wanted me to take of the French horn, and so I did. And I really wanted to learn as many instruments as I possibly could, so I asked my mom if I could try out the dreams (I also thought that they would make me more popular, which didn't happen). I loved playing them, I fell in love right away. I played the French horn in the school's band in 6th, 7th and half of 8th grade, and switched over to percussion for the rest of 8th and all of 9th. In the end of the 8th grade to 9th grade me and my buddy jammed a few times. Then I went to a boarding school in Lake Tahoe, CA for 10th, and halfway through, I met a talented musician and him and I formed a band. I'm only in 11th grade (surprised ya didn't I?), and we finally got some original music out. I have come so far, socially, mentally and physically, as well as musically, since the 6th grade, and most of that was due to the drums (except physical). When I play the drums, I always look back to when I was really bad back then.
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