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Default Re: My Humble Stagestar

Decent job for a DYI project like that and the rims and hoops came out well. Though just not digging the color combo. IMO I would have just taken it apart like you did and cleaned those bad boys up to make the finish and especially those now previous chrome lugs shine. As well as clean the tension rods and do an over all check up on the kit. As a final thought I think I would have left the snare chrome so it stood out from the kit to be a nice focal point. Another thought would of been to paint them flat red and then spray it with a few layers of clear coat. I think that little gig kit would of looked killer in red and with chrome lugs.

Anyway lol, not trying to get you down or make you think twice about your project as it's cool and does remind me of custom schemes you would get from SJC or the likes but I was just giving thoughts as to what I would have done is all. :)
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