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Default Re: My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Finally lol. :D

Great choice Dignan, I too am looking at a Tama snare and that's the 13x6.5 Metalworks. I can't decide between this or another snare that's wood and is 13x7. Considering the price of both I'd like to just get both of them lol.

Anyway, nice piece man, enjoy!
Finally is right. I was dying without a snare but I take my time looking for something that important. I don't regret my choice at all but would still like to get an acrolite some day.

Originally Posted by JSWhaler View Post
Nice pick up as I had a set of those as well, but have since sold them and upgraded. I tired for close to a year of offsetting my rack toms, but couldn't get used to it and switched back to the two toms over the bass. I guess it's hard to break a 10+ year habit of always having them there. Great buy!
It's funny you mention that JSWhaler. I've spent the last couple nights futzing around with my setup. I like the accessibility of 2 (offset), one down but I don't like how far over it makes me put my hats. I also like this setup because I like my ride in close. Then I experimented with one up, two down so I could get my ride and hats where I like guessed it....I don't like the large gap between the toms so as I write this, my set is currently setup in the traditional 2 up (centered over bass), one down. The only disadvantage now is my ride is farther away. I can't decide.

I once saw a quote about drumset configuration, possibly on this forum..."It's like marriage, it's one constant compromise."
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