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Default Re: Adding Stephen Taylor?

Thanks for all the input.

Bermuda, you raise an excellent point...which is why I nominated him. He's a Nashville session drummer, so he's been on tons of records, but he also has thousands of online students. I thought that would be enough to merit his inclusion. Can you promote someone for influence? Out of all the drumming tutors I have seen on YouTube, no one creates as professional and educational lessons as Taylor does. I know because I looked all over.

As far as Rick Allen, JUST being a one-armed drummer isn't enough to put him in the archive, but if you've ever seen him play, there's no drummer alive that creates patterns and licks combining acoustic and electric drums as well. The creativity involved with keeping up his profession is staggering. That's why I think he should be included.

Strangely enough, I am not a huge Def Leopard fan, but I recognize the skills.

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