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Default Re: Brave New World - Replacing the Speed King

if you don't want to really give up on the Speed King, there is someone on eBay that has a service for re-furbing, and hot roding SK's. They sell them already done, but I think you can send them in also.

I started with a SK too. I've played several other pedals since, and I've used the Pearl Eliminators with the Red cam (basically like a SK cam shape) for at least 10 years now. Along with the Red cam, I also raised my footboard, and adjusted first the chain (very stable), then the belt.
After playing that pedal for about 5 years or so, I realized that the angle of the footboard I got by adjusting the chain and belt was really close to what I had with a SK.
I play pretty hard in a couple of my bands, and there's no slop in either the chain or strap on the Eliminator. Now, if I decide to use the Camco pedal... :-)
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