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Default Re: Adding Stephen Taylor?

Inclusion on the list has always been at Bernhard's discretion, and I'm glad I don't have to make those decisions - it's really hard to know where to draw the line. Is it popularity and exposure? Is it skills? Is there an extenuating circumstance, such as being very young, very old, or having what most would consider being a handicap to a drummer?

I don't know who Stephen Taylor is, and maybe I should be embarrassed by not knowing who any of the artists listed are. But let's talk about Rick. Should he be included just because he has one arm? (Don't forget, he started with both arms wih Def Leppard...) or should there be other criteria applied regardless of his remarkable comeback after losing the arm? Again, glad I don't have to decide!

But I too am a little surprised Rick isn't included, although I regard him as a drummer first, and overcoming a serious detriment to playing, second.

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