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Default Adding Stephen Taylor?

Hello everyone,

I asked this question earlier but was told to post here. I love Drummerworld and have used it since I was nineteen...and skipping class to watch drumming videos in the computer lab. I was wondering how to go about nominating a drummer for the site? I am new to posting here, so I hope I am not doing this incorrectly. If I am, please let me know. I mostly lurk. Haha.

There are a few I was surprised to NOT see archived (Rick Allen? A one-handed drummer?) but I finally decided to say something when I didn't see my favorite drummer on here. Stephen Taylor.
He's a session drummer in Nashville. He's played with dozens of artists (Lovers and Liars, Meshach Jackson, Danielle Peck, Vasti Jackson to name a few) and has online drum clinics. I was wondering how I go about nominating someone? Not trying to promote for him, just want to see he gets his due.

Also, let's get Rick Allen on there too. He's got ONE ARM for the love of God! ;)

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