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Originally Posted by FoolInTheRain View Post
That Roland rig is very impressive. If I were in your situation I'd be more than happy to be able to play one of those. Years ago when I was doing the apartment living thing I bought a DTX-treme. I really wanted the Roland but it was just out of my budget. In hindsight, I wish I had just saved up longer for the Roland or just not have gotten anything at all. The DTX isn't terrible, though.
I was really looking hard at the DTX950K before I bought the Roland, but after a few months of having the kit out in the public I started hearing if cracking silicone heads, the hex rack was being discontinued and out of production, etc. It was all up in the air back then. Fortunately, Yamaha has brought back the hex rack and their TCS pads are a bit better than the first batch. Unfortunately, I already bought the TD-30 so no Yamaha for me. I am glad though. I am really happy with the TD-30. It does everything I really need, though there are still some things you can do on an acoustic kit that you cant do on an electric. There will always be a limitation with electronic kits relative to acoustic kits, but there are also a lot of benefits to them. Yeah the TD-30KV is a many many thousand dollar drum kit, but so is a DW collectors, or a Gretsch USA, or a Tama Star Bubinga, etc. Throw in top end cymbals and hardware and you are easily over the price of the TD-30KV. Now you have one really nice kit, but its only one kit. The TD-30KV can be as many kits as you want, with as many different cymbal packages as you want.

So yeah, its pricey but I like that I can have a kit for Metallica and another for Pearl Jam, another for jazz, one for Gavin Harrison, and now I'm working on a 'Tool' kit. Tons of different sounds and kits are possible. All for the price of one top end acoustic kit.
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