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Default Re: 2014 Music HOF Nominees

In my opinion,Deep Purple defined the Heavy Metal sound starting 1968.......1968!.After a hiatus or two,the're still doing it.Although I can't stand Steve Morse with Purple,they still bring it,and have one of the best rock drummers on the planet in Ian Paice.

Yes also defined the prog rock sound and was innovative for quite some time.Virtuoso musicians and two of the best drummers in rock/prog in Bill Bruford and Alan White.

I've always been a Linda Ronstadt fan,and in my opinion,she had(she can no longer sing due to Parkinsons disease) one of the best and strongest voices of any vocalist in any genre.She was innovative in her own right and bridged more that a few musical styles,which covered a lot of bases.She also has been doing it since the late 60's.

While I recognize Nirvana as being innovative,the above mentioned artists/bands already sold millions of records,and played hundreds of tour dates,before Kurt Cobain ever plugged his first guitar into an amp in his garage.

Steve B
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