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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

Originally Posted by EarthRocker View Post
PDP have a new pedal with a completely smooth, and long footboard. It actually looks like they took a page out of the Speed Cobra's book with it. I haven't tried them, but they're affordable and look really nice. It's called the Concept. Not sure if they're gonna' change it or not.
Yeah I saw that one in another topic, that looks really good. Pellegrom's demonstration was hideous though, haha.
it's really really cheap though, the price is in the DW2002 tier, and I think it's the only double chain pedal to be so cheap (why isn't the double chain a standard for pedals anyway? does it cost that much more to the company to produce it or what?)
eager to try it but I think it won't be in my country until 2014.
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