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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

Originally Posted by T-1000 View Post
Interesting thread, but how are we defining 'heavy'?

The amount of resistance against your foot pressing it down? Surely that is a product of the spring tension, which is adjustable in all pedals?

Or the 'feel' of the beater swing path as your foot presses down? I guess this is a product of the shape of the cam.

Which one are you guys using to define the 'heaviness' of a pedal?

It's gotta' be by subjective feel.

An objective measurement could be made with some type of weight measurement gauge attached to the pedal. To get high tech about it, an x-y graph could be plotted, with x axis given to amount of pedal travel, and y axis to amount of force applied.
Each time you changed spring tension though, the graph would change.

I've seen a lot of graphs like this done with compound bow cams. The amount of force required is initially high, and drops off quickly as the bow is drawn back. I'd imagine drum pedal cams work on the same principle.

I have to revise my statements about the DW9000 though. Now that I've had it a while, yes it feels a bit heavy compared to my lighter pedals. The smoothness is very deceptive at first and seems to offset any heaviness felt.

I think Yamaha should be added to the list. Not sure where you'd put them, except to say I think it should be towards the lighter end.
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