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Default Re: Heat gun on Resos

Originally Posted by Doug Masters View Post
I agree with Grunter here. Ben has been mostly helpful with our members dealing with bad heads and giving advice etc.. Of course he promotes Evans but I don't recall him putting down other companies products at all. Those of us who have been around awhile know what we like anyway. As drummers, I like to think that we are the type to discuss, argue, yell, disagree, etc and then buy each other a beer and wish each other well. Drummers have a great camaraderie...lets keep it that way.
Please read in an easy going voice lol. ;) :)

I respect that he helps when he can and in any way possible. Though honestly what got me rolling was just the fact that, yes in a way, he did put down other companies when referring to "other heads" or "equivalents". He did it twice in this thread and then once in another thread a while back. IMO, just offer a possible solution, take the idea to possibly work on their current 10mil single ply coated head to make it better for consumers like TC and go on. There's no need to act like a shark or to go to such marketing extremes as to talk down about other companies products here and to continue to force your products onto someone when they've clearly stated they don't like what you have to offer currently. Just came off as a bit much is all.
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