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Default Re: Heat gun on Resos

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I think whether or not a rep from any company comes here to promote his products should be left up to Bernhard. If said rep is a problem Bernhard will deal with it. Our Evans man has been here for quite a while and I haven't seen the all but blatant disrespect for other companies that you seem to have witnessed. I wish more reps were on here to promote their products and be as willing to give up his time as EvansSpecialist. the bottom line is, if you don't like Evans, don't buy Evans. He has gone out of his way to help several forum members with bad stock, and certainly wasn't what he signed up for. Please stay on topic, Hair dryers, and heat guns or I shall have to enact the magic thread closing rule. we are all adults with opinions and we are allowed to espouse them here, but not at the bash the other person level. thanks.
I agree with Grunter here. Ben has been mostly helpful with our members dealing with bad heads and giving advice etc.. Of course he promotes Evans but I don't recall him putting down other companies products at all. Those of us who have been around awhile know what we like anyway. As drummers, I like to think that we are the type to discuss, argue, yell, disagree, etc and then buy each other a beer and wish each other well. Drummers have a great camaraderie...lets keep it that way.
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