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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

Originally Posted by supermachoman View Post
yep, the video worked as you wanted.
call me paranoid but the DW he uses doesn't have the huge 900 letters carved on it, maybe it's a different surface?
Pridgen is such a beast.
Yeah he is a character for sure. Incredible will and determination to learn his craft. If you so desire you can take a look at these videos as well, just for something to watch. I have to say he's one of the more technically inspiring, free willed drummers out there. He's not afraid to mix it up and fail in front of a crowd while learning new things at the same time. Here is video one and I believe there are three of them. You want to be humbled and inspired at the same time, these are the ones to watch.

As for the pedal. Yes it's the 9000, you can tell by the colors of it and especially the big bulky cam lol. As v.zarate pointed out, the reason you don't see the numbers is because he left the protective plastic "sleeve" on the pedal for that added slippery effect to help with the slide technique lol.

As for a smooth pedal, like others have said and to keep it at a friendly price range, it has to be Yamaha. Next would probably be the Mapex Falcons, followed by the Speed Cobra and DW9000.

I've played the Speed Cobras for about a week until I returned them for the Iron Cobra Power Glides. The pedal was just far too light under my foot, I didn't like the action of the longer footboard and could never find a good position for my right foot. So I went with the IC which is a more standard footboard, although a tad longer than say a standard board like DW's and weighs much more which helps me control it better. Although since playing the IC for many weeks now and trying out my DW3000's again, I feel the IC footboard and build of it is far, far too heavy for me but has the frictionless feel and speed I like. I can do heel toe quite well now on both but find I like the detailed feedback I get from the DW footboard.

To cut this short and yes I too am now a believer as I thought going to the Speed Cobra was going to be the best and final move for a pedal, that you must put your feet to them and play around as much as possible before deciding. I personally don't have the guts to do that in a Guitar Center, so from now on I may have to buy used, test and then return after I'm done. I really wish I could try the Mapex Raptor as that is direct drive, to see how I liked DD and if I do would probably go with the Yamaha such as wildbill did. If nothing else, I believe because of the footboard size and action of the DW9000, that it will be the one I aim for in the end. Perfect footboard and impeccable feel and speed like the Iron and Speed Cobra. Best of both worlds for me IMO.
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