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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Just back from the eye hospital after taking a hardwood splinter at full tilt. Having your eyelids peeled back & eye compressed to remove said offending item really sucks. Now very sore - generally pissed off, & feels like my eye is bathed in grit :( Lack of sleep tonight is anticipated.
Yikes! Scary stuff, Andy. Hope you're feeling better now. Have to say that one of the great things about wearing glasses is automatic eye protection.

Got home from hols hoping to walk into a newly renovated bathroom. Instead walked into a small capital works zone. Feels a bit like going to another hotel - only with decent internet.

Major bushfires in Sydney. On the flight home you could see Sydney shrouded in smoke ... reminded me of when we passed over major Chinese cities on the way over. One dead, over 100 homes destroyed, with more to come when the temps get high again later on the weekend and early next week. If this is springtime it makes you wonder about summer ...
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