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Default Re: Carmichael CT-200 drum throne anyone?

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
I prefer a firm seat when drumming, the last thing I want is a throne top that has give/compression which creates instability. The CARMICHAEL will eventually 'break in' and still provide support, not like other brands that compress and keep compressing till the foam is shot.
Fully agree with you there , Les.

Got my Carmichael seat top today. My first reaction: "Damn it's heavy. More weight added to my hardware case"

Then I picked up my Gibraltar seat top and had my moment of epiphany...
The Gibraltar felt cheap and way too light compared to the solid build of the Carmichael.
Yes, the Carmichael is a little firm but that's how it should be. Just like any good mattress or sofa, a good throne top needs to have enough material density to be able to support your weight. Especially since almost your entire weight rests upon a small area.

I've noticed that a Gibraltar throne base alone costs almost as much as the complete throne with seat top. In other words, their seat top isn't worth very much, and I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case with other brands.

I can also confirm that the Carmichael seat top fits perfectly onto the Gibraltar throne base (the spindle model).

The 13" seat top is a perfect fit for average height/weight drummers I think. I can sit almost right in the middle without losing any leg mobility.

I won't say anymore since I haven't had a chance to really "drum test" the throne yet but first impressions are good.

... just had a week off work and finally had some drumming time. Can't say that the Carmichael made me "feel years younger" or that I suddenly became a better drummer but I suppose the long term affects will be noticed later. In the short term, it's more about what I didn't feel. Previously, I always felt significant discomfort bordering on pain during/after playing. I did several 2 hour sessions last week, including full setup and breakdown of my kit. I'm pleased to say that I felt no serious strain on my back, a little fatigue perhaps at the end, but nothing that I would consider worrying;
For my feeling the Carmichael has just the right amount of space between the two "butt rests". There's enough space to create enough relief for the spine, but not so much as to make the seat feel awkward or anything. I remember something that I heard a long time ago, that apparently humans only started to have serious back problems once they started sitting on chairs. It's not natural apparently. Well, this throne feels kind of natural to me. 'nough said.
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