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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

thanks again for the responses.

scorch whammin, I've tried some Axis pedals, they feel really smooth and light but I don't see myself ever playing at Kollias speeds, so the extra bucks I'd have to spend on them seem like an overkill!

Arky, I never understood why the 2000s have that rough surface on the heel. Good job on getting rid of them! also nice work on smoothing down the footplate, at first I didn't see it so that means you did a good job (if it also feels good!).
But to be honest I wouldn't buy an expensive Iron Cobra to try to bring it to my own taste the same day.
How about the Chrome Iron Cobra? Looks a bit ugly for my taste, but it must have the slipping surface of a banana. Do they still sell these or should I look for a used one?

/e hehe double_G, I was typing when you posted. nice that we both brought Kollias as an example :p
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