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Default Re: Heat gun on Resos

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
I use remo on all my toms and snares so I like remo. However, they have a lot of problems with "dead heads" right out of the box. Their quality isn't always the best. Lighten up on this evans guy. Its nice of him to actually post on a forum.
Yeah it's nice for a rep to reply about problems, give a heads up about future products in development, or even talk about current products but to go around to every drum head thread, especially when it's not about their company in the first place and not only constantly "promote" their super-duper terrific be all end all 360 collar but also subliminally talk down about their fellow drum head companies is, IMO, a disgusting marketing act. Unfortunately I understand it's all about sales and getting that money but Christ give it a rest. Have a bit of respect for not only the people who sell products in the drumming community, i.e other drum head companies but for yourself and your company as well. No need to be a shark over something that isn't as big of a deal as he's obviously making it out to be. Also I never said Remo doesn't have or haven't had their fair share of issues. We all know about the coating and I'm sure there were a few dead heads here and there. Though you don't see an "Remo Specialist" coming in to defend those issues and say even with those problems, our heads are better than the "equivalents".

My main issue is with the constant disrespect toward other companies in order to turn a leaf and make a sale. Promote the **** out of that collar but do so respectfully and without having to talk down about the other "equivalents".
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