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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

Yes, Axis are quite smooth. (Depending on the version) They have that Axis logo laser-cut and you do feel it slightly but it's neglectable for slide technique. I like the smoothness of Axis pedals (got myself a pair of used Longboards recently).

There's another way to get a smooth surface if you prefer the feel of a certain pedal but the footplate isn't as smooth as you want - modding it to your liking. I never liked that carved footplate on my dw2002 double pedal so at one point I decided to mod it. Sure a mod will probably ruin the reselling value but for me it was worth it - more playing fun and hey, those pedals didn't cost a lot to begin with.

Here's what I did:

The first few days after the mod the pedal felt 'slippery' but I got used to and like it a lot. I also flexed down the heel area so those shortboards would have some more longboard feel.
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