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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

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Again, not all heads are created equal. I would strongly recommend that you check out what we're doing with various thicknesses of single-ply heads. They are far from "equivalents."
Wow. Are you trying this hard to sell off your heads because they're not selling that well? All you do around here is "recommend" or talk down about "equivalents". Give it a rest already. Matter of fact I've yet to see you reply to my question on whether you were talking about the character of other two ply heads by your company or other companies two ply heads in a thread about the Gretsch USA Custom. I know it was the latter but I wanted to see if you would man up and admit to talking trash about products from other companies.

IMO the 360 collar is nothing but a marketing gimmick as having a truer bearing edge and level hoops or rims is what helps to minimize problems with tuning. The better the equipment, the better and less problematic the tuning process will be. What's funny is Remo doesn't have to have a marketer on forums to promote their heads every day or every 5 minutes, their reputation of quality and sound you get from their heads speaks for their self. Not to mention one of the most technical drummers in the world, Tomas Haake, jumping onboard with an "equivalent" recently.

Your heads are not the end all be all drum heads that are 100% flawless. I've tried a set of 360 G1's and the 12" had a kink in the head that I had to straighten out myself. The mylar actually had a wrinkle or kink in it because it wasn't molded properly. Not to mention other problems I've had with Evans. IMO you should take a breather from forcing your "recommendations" onto people. It's in bad taste and only makes Evans look desperate for consumers.
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