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Default Re: Drum Rack or Stands?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Your initial setting up of a rack can be extremely frustrating. Instead of just moving stands to get placements right, you have to get all the placements right on the rack itself. This can take hours, or even days. It can be frustrating at first.

That being said, a rack can and will save you both time and space. I had a Pearl rack with 4 toms and 7 cymbals attached to it. Each rack clamp was labeled with a number, as was its coinciding hardware piece. Everything had memory locks and could be set up in about 10 minutes by every member of my band. If it was set up to the side, two people could lift and move it easily into position. And why not, I help move guitar cabinets, they can help move the rack.

For me it just made sense. Less stuff to carry and set up, less floor space required, less things to get just right.
Thanks for the feedback. I believe I will get a rack, as it does seem considerably easier to set up and tear down.
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